LED 60 four-in-one high-power outdoor floodlight




Product Details

LED 60 four-in-one high-power outdoor floodlights
input voltage 110-240V AC,50/60Hz
light source specification 60PCS x 15W(4 in 1)
lamp bead power 900W
suitable for projection distance 80 m
spot diameter about 4.5 m (angle 25 degrees)
rated power 1000W
light source life 50000 hours
color RGBW, can be adjusted independently, stroboscopic, adjustable brightness,
beam divergence angle 15 (25, 60 optional)
channel 6/8/10 channel
control mode voice control, program self-walking, master-slave, DMX512 control.
Features Compared with traditional lamps, it has low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, rich color changes, long light source life, high safety performance, normal operation in a wide voltage range, and wide adaptation range.
Ambient Temperature -30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Protection Level IP65
Y Axis Manually Adjustable 45~145 Degree
Dimension 57x 22.5x 27cm
Weight 13.67kgs

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