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        Voltage: AC90-250V, 50 / 60Hz
        Controller dimensions: length 735 × width 595 × height 150 (mm)
        Package dimensions: length 810 × width 680 × height 280 (mm)
        Net weight: 21.5Kg
        Gross Weight: 42Kg
        Available U disk and floppy drive light output library
        DMX512 / 1990 standard, 2048 DMX channels
        Four optically isolated individual drive signal output port, but anti-2000Vrms electrical shock.
        Independent power supply independent signals can control 40 channels up to 240 computers and 240 road lights dimming
        320 × 240 big screen displays all operation, change and output
        Soft distribution channel, can store 450 program
        There are different time adjustable knob. X / Y control smoothly
        Site can be copied channel list of items, independent system lock function, prevent misuse
        The world famous light library easier to use
        The machine cured a variety of special effects program, the scene changes to effectively support Effects
        USB memory, you can save the field data
        High performance switching power supply, 90V-250V voltage range, in line with national power requirements worldwide
        Audio input connector: XLR-D3Fx2
        Professional work lamp, suitable for indoor and outdoor performances
        Specialized fly case makes transportation and performance more safe and convenient

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