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        • Name: 5000mw RGB laesr
        • ID: AILISI-RGB5000
        • Added time: 2016-01-19
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        Rated Voltage: AC90~240V, 50/60Hz
        Rated Power: 200W
        Galvanometer: 30K
        Laser Power: 5W
        Laser Color: full color (RGB) R:1W/638 G:2W/532 B:2W/445nm
        Signal Standard: ILDA, PC, DMX512, Automatic, Master-slave (ILDA)
        Net Weight: 12Kg
        Gross Weight: 13Kg
        Dimension: L34*W33.5*H29.5(cm)
        ◆ high-power RGB full color laser, laser show perfect charm;
        ◆ the use of advanced imported galvanometer, Pangolin or Phoenix professional laser show control software;
        ◆ galvanometer system, launch angle adjustable, suitable for sports, concerts, television studio and other large venues.
        Full color animation laser, self-propelled, voice-activated, DMX, built-in SD, ILDA computer interface
        ◆ built hundreds of animation design effects can be any size angle adjustment
        ◆ using high-speed galvanometer DT 30K quality, fast scanning angle animation does not blink.

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