LED stroboscopic dyeing matrix 2-in -1 lamp

LED stroboscopic dyeing matrix 2-in -1 lamp



Product Details

light source 1080 RGB triad
luminous flux
>70000 lm
luminous efficiency
>70 lm/W
rated current
6.42A(220V ~), 12.85A(110V ~)
maximum power
international standard DMX512
control channel
strobe speed
Product Size
508 × 146 × 298.5mm
Package Size
550 × 290 × 470mm(2 Pack)
Net Weight
RGB1080 strobe light is a compact, high-power, low-power, high-performance LED color light frequency light, the highest luminous flux exceeds 70000lm; The power consumption of the self-developed high-efficiency driving power supply is only 20% of that of the traditional xenon strobe lamp. 1080 RGB three-in-one LED lamp beads are arranged in six segments. Each segment R, G and B can be independently controlled to achieve more abundant effects. In addition to stroboscopic light, the lamp beads can be always on and can be used as dyeing lamps. Adapt to outdoor all-weather use; lamps with high efficiency, low power consumption, small size, can be widely used in stage, concerts, entertainment and various live performances and other places.

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