Product Details

Voltage AC 220V,50Hz(2KW-5KW)
AC 380V,50Hz(6KW-7KW)
Operating Current 1:9.5A-24A(2KW-5KW)
2 29A-34A(6KW-7KW)
bulb specification XQ2KW-7KW
color temperature 5600 K
beam angle 30 (Manual-control).
projection distance 1Km-2Km
scanning angle horizontal 110 °, vertical 40 °
Shell aluminum alloy, sheet metal shell, the surface is sprayed with insulating paint.
protection grade IP44
control mode stand-alone
overall dimensions 650*760*1050mm(2KW-5KW)
net weight 70-105 KG(2KW-7KW)

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