Product Details

voltage AC110-220V,50/60Hz.
console size length 580 × width 180 × height 120(mm)
package size length 610 × width 210 × height 140(mm); length 620 × width 440 × height 460(mm)(6 packs)
net weight 3.2Kg;22Kg(6 packs)
gross weight 3.6Kg;24Kg(6 PCs)
Performance Features
Can control up to 12 lamps, each with up to 20 channels, A (1-10) and B(11-20) two pages or AB two pages can be started at the same time, 30 Banks can be compiled, bank contains 8 Scene, programmable 6-phase chase, each chase can be programmed in 240 steps (I .e. 30 Bank scenes) and has three modes of manual, voice control and self-walking.
In the automatic operation mode, FADE can choose to have FADE or X/Y FADE, all with speed adjustment, any channel and rocker or dial control can be set in each lamp.
has MIDI trigger Bank, Chase and Black out functions.
console can transmit internal programmed data to each other.
LCD liquid crystal display and LED indicator.
DMX polarity selection.

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