Product Details

Voltage AC90-250V,50/60Hz.
console size length 485 × width 400 × height 105(mm)
package size length 590 × width 510 × height 260(mm)
net weight 8Kg
gross weight 9Kg
performance characteristics
DMX512/1990 standard, 512 DMX control channels, photoelectric isolation signal output.
simultaneously controls up to 62 computer lights, each with up to 36 channels, using dynamic light address settings.
16Bit X/Y control accuracy, can set the positive and negative direction of X/Y axis.
Built-in graphic track generator (SHAPE), convenient for users to control the computer lamp graphic track, such as drawing circle, gradient circle, line, 8-character, wave and other effects. Graphic parameters such as speed, size, expansion, orientation can be set independently.
62 light running procedures, each procedure up to 100 steps. The TIME and CROSS parameters are set independently. Optional automatic speed control, intelligent manual beat control (SWING) or music synchronization control.
light program editing, can realize the light program copy, paste, add (insert), delete and other operations.
can run 6 light running programs and 62 preset scenes at the same time, and can operate 62 computer lights at the same time.
31 macro environment programs (MACRO), which can quickly call different scenes, walk lights, and manually run (lantern) combinations.
is equipped with USB interface, users can use U disk to save data, and the file system is compatible with WINDOWS XP.

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