Product Details

Voltage AC90-240V,50/60Hz
Rated Power 300W
Light Source, Philips 5R Bulb Color Temperature: 8000K
spot angle 0-3.3
color 10 colors + blank, can do two-way variable speed rainbow effect
pattern 13 fixed pattern pieces + blank
prism a 3 prism and an 8 prism, can do two-way variable speed rotation effect
dimming 0-100% linear dimming
strobe independent double-chip strobe (1-10 high-speed strobe flashes per second, adjustable speed)
lamp body scanning runs smoothly, automatic return correction function, adjustable speed, with 16Bit precision adjustment)
scanning range horizontal 540, vertical 270
function light cutting has color + pattern + prism + XY light cutting function
heat dissipation system forced convection cooling
control DMX 512, three-core interface
channel 16
display LED digital display
protection class IP20, built-in overheat and trigger high pressure protection
net weight 8.5Kg
gross weight carton: 12Kg; Air box (double only):60Kg
lamp body size length 362 × width 250 × height 475(mm)
packing size carton: length 390 × Width 310 × Height 535(mm)
Air Case (Double Pack) Length 620 × Width 420 × Height 720(mm)

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