440/461 // 470/three-in-one computer shaking head lamp




Product Details

voltage: AC90-240V,50/60Hz
light source: imported Panasonic 450W bulb (color temperature: 7500K)
bulb life: bulb life: 2000 hours
rated power: 600W
Zoom Angle: Zoom Angle: Beam 4 ° Pattern: 4 °-50 °
Dyeing Angle: 60 °
Focus: Linear Electric Focus
Color: 10 color films + CTO + CTB + homogenizer + white light, which can be used for bidirectional variable speed rainbow effect
rotating pattern: 6 pluggable pattern films + white light, and the pattern can be used for bidirectional jitter flow function
fixed pattern: 12 patterns + effect pattern + white light, the pattern can be dithered in both directions. The flow function
effect pattern: 1 effect pattern plate can produce dynamic flow effect
atomization: 1 atomizing mirror
prism: 1 24-sided circular prism, which can be superimposed and rotated forward and reverse, adjustable speed
dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
strobe: 1-18 times/second, independent double-piece mechanical strobe, adjustable speed
lamp body scanning: running smoothly, automatic return correction function, adjustable speed, with 16Bit precision adjustment
scanning range: horizontal 540, vertical 280
effect function: has color + pattern + prism + stroboscopic automatic operation function
heat dissipation system: forced convection cooling
control: international standard DMX 512 signal, wireless control, 3-core interface
channel: 26/18
display: LCD touch color display, Chinese and English operation interface
brightness: the brightness of can reach 80000LUX
protection grade at a distance of 20 meters: IP20, built-in overheat and trigger high voltage protection
net weight: 22Kg
gross weight: carton: 25Kg
lamp body size: length 352 x width 289 x height 623(mm)
packing size: carton: length 475 x width 410 x height 735(mm)


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