200 watt imported COB LED imaging light



Product Details

working voltage AC100-240V,50/60Hz
rated power 300W/320W
color temperature 3200K/5600K optional;
light source 200W/300W imported high-brightness Citizen LED lamp bead 1
display index >Ra95%
optical system six special glass optical lens groups, clearer and more uniform imaging, light spot has no blue edge

16Bits electronic linear dimming 0~100, no glare, 16 k/Hz dimming frequency;

fine-tuning light function; Four dimming curves are optional;

spot angle 19 °/26 °/36 ° optional
channel 1CH/2CH/3CH selection
heat dissipation system silent adjustable speed fan heat dissipation, low noise. Temperature rise does not exceed 20 ℃, intelligent automatic temperature adjustment system;
Working Environment -25 C ~ 40 C
Protection Level IP21
Display LCD Liquid Crystal Display
Net Weight 10Kg
Lamp Body Size Long 580 × width 280 × height 210(mm)


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