High power LED cutting lamp




Product Details

voltage: AC110-240V,50/60Hz
light source model: imported chip 800W LED white light module
power: 1000W
light source life: 20000 hours, advanced optical system, the cutting pattern is clear and the edge is clear,
  eight-piece full-process graphic cutting module, the cutting pattern can rotate 180 degrees, and can make multiple geometric shapes and pattern shapes of various sizes)
channel mode: 24/37CH
zoom angle: 6~56
fixed pattern disc: 8 pattern white light, bidirectional variable speed water flow, jitter effect
rotating pattern disc: 7 pattern white light, with index function, bidirectional variable speed water flow, jitter effect,
color system: 6 quick color CTO color temperature white CMY, color can be half color full color effect.
rotating prism disc: 4 prism atomizing mirror
display screen: 2.88 inch LCD color liquid crystal touch screen, free switching between Chinese and English
control mode: 3 core interface, support DMX512, RDM, self-moving
  supports pulling address codes without power supply, and can be used for software upgrade. External interface
horizontal: 540, resolution 8/16Bit
vertical: 270, resolution 8/16Bit,XY axis with automatic error correction system
  adopts magnetoelectric positioning system, and uses magnetic devices to replace the traditional Hall positioning system
  . It is not affected by the intervention of oil smoke, dust and natural light, and has higher precision and reliable performance
signal input port: 3 Core
Product Size: Length 430 * Width 410 * Height 800mm
Net Weight: 34.5 KG
Gross Weight: 40.5KG (Carton Package)


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