12*40W LED shaking head dyeing lamp



Product Details

voltage AC90V-240V 50-60Hz
light source 12 40W 4-in -1 imported chip LED lamp beads
angle 5-40 degree electronic zoom
power 550W
spot angle 4.5-45 (can be used for beam, zoom dyeing, honeycomb rotation effect, single point control of any color of any lamp bead, running lamp effect)
lamp bead life 50000 hours
dimming 0-100% linear dimming
strobe 0~25 times/second, various stroboscopic effects
lamp body scanning runs smoothly, automatic return correction function, adjustable speed, 16Bit precision adjustment
scanning range 540 + fine adjustment vertical: 270 + fine adjustment
heat dissipation system fan refrigeration system
control DMX512, master/slave, self-walking, voice control
channel 19CH/67 dual channel
working environment indoor -15 degrees +40 degrees
display LCD heat dissipation system: fan refrigeration system
Function effect

Horizontal and vertical directions with three-phase motors bring fast rotation effect, 12 lamp beads can be controlled separately to bring more effects,

Built-in CTO Color Temperature Adjustment and Rich Macro Color and Macro Function

Shell Flame Retardant Engineering Plastic Shell
Protection Level IP20, built-in overheat and trigger high pressure protection
net weight 14.5Kg
gross weight carton: 16.5Kg
lamp body size 395*264*470mm

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