330W/350W outdoor waterproof beam lamp



Product Details

Voltage AC90-240V,50/60Hz
light source imported 350W bulb (optional 330W bulb)
bulb life 1500 hours
rated power 600W
beam angle 0-3.8
pattern angle 2-7
focus uses high precision 170mm glass lens, linear electric focusing
color 14 fixed pattern pieces + blank
pattern 14 pattern + effect pattern + white light, the pattern can shake water in both directions
atomization 1 independent atomization effect or independent colorful effect
prism 1 48-sided circular prism +1 8-sided circular prism, the prism can be superimposed and rotated forward and reverse, speed adjustable
dimming 0-100% linear dimming
strobe 1-20 times/second, pulse strobe, synchronous asynchronous strobe, speed adjustable
lamp body scanning running smoothly, automatic return correction function, speed adjustable, with 16Bit precision adjustment
scanning range horizontal 540, vertical 280
effect function has color + pattern + prism + stroboscopic automatic operation function
heat dissipation design

uses wind direction Flow and temperature intelligent monitoring technology can monitor the status of lamps such as starting, using, closing, closing, closing bulbs, etc. According to the temperature of different positions of lamps,

automatically adjusts the heat dissipation system to effectively control the temperature of lamps, with internal multi-point intelligent temperature sensor and synchronous display on the display screen (customizable humidity and temperature synchronous display control function)

control international standard DMX 512 signal (customizable wireless transmission, RDM bidirectional control technology, easy and quick upgrade of software through DMX data cable)
channel 16 mode optional
display LCD touch color display, chinese and English operation interface
automatic energy saving when the grating is turned off, the power consumption of the light source can be automatically reduced
power-off setting built-in serial rechargeable battery, you can operate the LCD control panel to set function parameters without connecting to the power supply (this item can be customized)
sleep function When the lamp disconnects the signal, it will automatically enter the sleep state, can set the sleep time
anti-external environment function can be customized to resist external high voltage, external lightning strike, strong electromagnetic interference, strong frequency conversion and other special requirements
protection grade IP65
net weight 25Kg
gross weight carton: 30Kg
lamp body size length 352 × width 289 × height 623(mm)

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