260W Super Beam Light




Product Details

rated voltage AC100V-240V,50/60Hz
Light Source Specification NEOLUX 260 CY
Bulb Life 2000H
Color Temperature 7500K
Beam Angle 0-3.5 °
Linear Dimming 0-100% linear dimming, with 16Bit precision fine adjustment
high speed strobe pulse strobe, synchronous asynchronous strobe. strobe speed 1-20 times per second
fixed color 1 color plate 13 kinds of color plates + white light,, linear color conversion and half-color rainbow effect
effect color 1 colorful color effect, richer change, prism colorful effect
static pattern 1 pattern plate 13 patterns + white light, variable speed jitter/two-way rotation effect
prism effect 2 independent rotating prisms, prisms combine with each other to generate singular multi-beam effect
focusing adopts high-precision glass lens, electronic linear high-definition focusing
softening effect 1 independent atomization effect, light spot soft and natural
horizontal/vertical horizontal angle 540/630, vertical angle 270, 8 or 16Bit precision fine adjustment, automatic return correction function
display interface adopts widescreen LCD Chinese and English display interface
automatic energy saving photoelectric tracking technology induction, can automatically reduce light source power consumption when closing the grating
enhancement function adopts the most advanced technology to realize remote sleep function, when the lamp disconnects the signal, it will automatically enter the dormant state, making the lamp more stable and safer.
memory function automatically records the lamp use time, lamp working time
intelligent heat dissipation adopts the wind direction drainage and temperature intelligent monitoring technology, which can monitor the lamp state according to the lamp start, use, close the shutter, close the bulb and so on, according to the temperature of different positions of the lamp, the cooling fans in different parts of the lamp are automatically driven to effectively cool the lamp components.
control channel 2 control channel mode selection 16/20CH can freely switch
protection level IP21, built-in high temperature overheating, high pressure abnormal protection
lamp body weight 13.5KG
gross weight 18KG (carton packaging)
lamp body size length 310 × width 240 × height 490(mm)
packaging size length 405 × width 375 × height 530(mm)

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