19 bee-eye LED shake head lamp




Product Details

Input Voltage AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Total Power 450W
Light Source OSRAM 19 RGBW 4 in1 LED Beads Single LED Wattage: 15W
lamp bead average life 50000 hours
color temperature 2500-8000k linear adjustment
single LED point control
dyeing, beam, image, effect mode (vortex, kaleidoscope, small Man Waist)
Front Lens Disc Can Bidirectionally Rotate
Electronic Zoom Range 4-60
0-100% Linear Electronic Dimming
Stroboscopic Speed Adjustable, with instantaneous dark field function
slowest speed 1 times/second
fastest speed 25 times/second
RGBW color automatic correction
3-core DMX512 signal
output channel built-in 6 channel modes 23CH (normal)/21CH (standard)/35CH (image)/78CH (extendable) /96CH(RGBW extendable) /92CH (full)
control DMX512, self-walking, voice control, master-slave machine
horizontal scanning 540 degrees +16 bit fine adjustment,
vertical scanning 250 degrees +16 bit fine adjustment
display blue LCD
1. Each lamp bead can be controlled separately.
2. The lens with unique honeycomb design can rotate without poles to bring a variety of dreamy effects.
3. The display can be rotated 180 ° to adapt to different installation angles.
4. set beam, dyeing, effect and other purposes and a body.
5. Scan position memory function, can be automatically reset.
6. With fan heat dissipation and automatic temperature detection function, when the system detects that the temperature is too high, it will automatically stop working to protect the lamps.

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