Product Details

model AILISI-5405
lamp bead 5W * 54PCS (16R/16G/16B/6W) 4 in 1
voltage AC220V,50/60Hz
average life is 60000-100000 hours
channel number 8 channel
lamp body size L400 * W400 * 295(mm)
net weight 4.5KG
beam Angle 10 Deg -45 Deg Optional

Performance Features
Low Power Consumption. Super brightness, no limit rich bright colors. The casing adopts a streamlined and trendy casing, which is molded at one time,
low-speed fan for heat dissipation, and unlimited RGBW color mixing system
LED adopts static constant current driving mode, with high constant current accuracy, high-speed electronic stroboscopic adjustment can reach 1-18 times/second
total dimming control channel can simultaneously control the light and dark changes of 4 main color channels
has master-slave synchronous operation function, music control function
lamps adopt APFC power factor correction switching power supply, PF>0.99, efficiency as high as 90%, real green environmental protection
DMX-512 control signal, 3-pin cannon plug
maximum allowable ambient temperature: 40 ℃, equipment surface maximum temperature: 70 ℃
conforms to CE standard, UL standard and GB7000.15-2000 standard.

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