Recruitment Information


The company mainly produces and sells stage lighting. Due to the needs of production and operation, the following positions are now recruited:

1, financial personnel

are familiar with the financial system, accounting system and relevant laws and regulations, and abide by professional ethics.

2, domestic salesman, (many)

loves sales work, has market pioneering spirit, and has strong language expression ability.

3, foreign trade salesman, (multiple)

familiar with foreign trade process, can independently negotiate with foreign customers face to face and mail and arrange order production, follow-up and shipment matters, sales in lighting and sound industry are preferred.

4, workshop assembler, (multiple)

male and female are not limited, have the spirit of hard work, obey the arrangement of management personnel, overtime pay is calculated separately.

5, warehouse keeper,

male, healthy, no bad criminal record, obey the work arrangement.

6, dining hall cooking aunt,

good health, pay attention to hygiene, have dining hall cooking experience is preferred.

positions above once hired preferential treatment, interested parties can come to the company for an interview, salary negotiable.

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