What changes and challenges are the domestic stage lighting industry facing


In the initial stage of professional lighting in the early 1990 s, the proliferation of karaoke, KTV, song and dance halls and other entertainment venues and the popularity of the cultural performance market directly led to the first rapid development of the entire stage lighting industry. Compared with the professional audio market, the technical content of stage lighting is low, the industry threshold is also low, and the manufacturers are all over the country. By 2000, China's stage lighting market was basically in a state of steady growth, and the market was in a period of adjustment. In recent years, as energy-saving and green lighting is one of the most concerned market trends in the industry in recent years, these international popular technologies such as LED lighting and control equipment have become the object of domestic professional lighting manufacturers competing for light. At the same time, a number of leading enterprises in the forefront of the industry are gradually marching into the emerging smart home industry.

On the one hand, the vigorous development of domestic public entertainment and theatrical performances has cultivated a very dynamic and emerging market with a wide audience; on the other hand, it has provided upstream equipment providers (mainly Stage lighting product manufacturers) bring broader market development space. With the continuous innovation of stage lighting industry technology, the new light source of LED is now used, which completely eliminates all kinds of pollution and can be called a real "green light source". The light beam shaking head lamp is also an indispensable lighting on the stage. Therefore, the LED lights and shaking head beam lights in the stage lighting equipment in the performance have become indispensable products.

"stage environment, environment stage!" Make the environment give artistic effect. "Large-scale theme lighting", "digital home" and other new needs to make the traditional architectural environment lighting and stage lighting inextricably, many manufacturers use stage lighting technology and standards to manufacture outdoor or architectural environment lighting lamps. Such as: waterproof series computer lights, high-power outdoor computer lights, high-power lasers, etc., and some professional lighting companies have begun to develop lamps and control systems that take into account basic lighting and artistic lighting for family use.

Computer software for stage lighting design will continue to evolve and will eventually allow the designer to dominate his "visual" technique in a completely artistic "interactive" way. Today's lighting software provides designers with only design, drawing and paperwork assistance. Future stage lighting design software will be able to use "tactile screens" and "voice recognition" functions.

The reasons for the gap between domestic stage lighting and European and American countries are as follows.

1, Backward Concept

On the part of domestic manufacturers, some people think that lamps and lanterns have low technological content and can be developed at a glance. There is also a view that there is no market for high-end products, and the development investment is large and the risks are high. There are also weak concepts of implementing standards and turning a blind eye to various technical standards and norms. Even the legal concept is low and inferior, fake and shoddy.

2, Weak Design Strength

Some domestic stage lighting manufacturers have a small or even no number of designers. The professional level of personnel is low, and they often invite people temporarily when developing new products. Although they may be invited to the real lighting experts, but they do not understand the stage, do not understand the function of this lamp in the stage, may not be able to design a lamp welcomed by the stage. In addition, the product will leave after development, unable to improve and upgrade the product.

3. Insufficient investment in lamp development and lack of technical reserves

In recent years, some discerning manufacturers in China have begun to invest more money and develop some new products, but for a vast country like China, it is still far from enough.

Driven by economic interests, short-sighted behavior is common, and it is even less common to be willing to invest heavily and make technical reserves.

4, Low-end Market Impact

At present, many troupes and theaters are in financial difficulties, especially the large number of small and medium-sized troupes and theaters at the county level. Therefore, low-cost, low-performance products still have a wide market.

Manufacturers are competing for the low-end market, and price wars are inevitable. The cost of the product can be saved by not saving 5%, the material is thinner, the wire is thinner and shorter, and the process is less, so the quality of the product is 1.1.

In short, stage lighting is a silent language. It uses brightness, color, pattern, and other changes to illustrate the designer's thinking. The quality of a lighting design is directly related to the overall effect. The design of stage lighting should be energy saving and environmental protection as the central idea, simple and lively do not produce glare.