Appearance in 2015 international television lighting technology seminar was praised

On April 9, 2015, Guangzhou-ACME, China, 2015 International Television Lighting Technology Symposium was ceremoniously opened on April 8. More than 200 people from 25 provincial and municipal television stations including CCTV, Beijing Television, Shanghai Radio and Television, Guangdong Television, and technical backbones of some lighting companies attended the meeting. Representatives of ACME Group were also invited to attend the meeting. This conference was hosted by CCTV and Guangdong Radio and Television. During the seminar, a number of visiting activities and wonderful lighting salons were opened. On the morning of April 8, the guests attending this meeting visited the 2015 China (Guangzhou) International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition, and visited the ACME exhibition for guidance. At booth 4.1B02, ACME's new theater lights such as CYC-200, E-300 and TS-150 focused on the eyes of industry experts and were highly praised by experts from various TV stations. In the lighting salon held in the afternoon, the lighting design of Jacky Cheung's series of concerts, the application of LED lighting technology in film and television production, and the construction of a fine screen visual management system are also worth looking forward. Guangzhou CY Lighting Euqipment Co.,Ltd, invited Li Guohai, a well-known Hong Kong director and lighting designer, to explain the lighting design concept of Jacky Cheung series concerts to the guests on the scene, showing the latest stage design direction for the industry, which was deeply recognized by the guests on the scene.





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